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We can now open every thread and every single player will be criticized. Not happy with his development either. The thing is, when literally every player - even the reliable ones like Araujo - develop into the wrong direction, it's not on the players.

2nd year is always the most difficult year for a young player and this year is hitting him hard. Also remember, last season he had one of the if not the best LB in club's history guiding him.
Good point about alba’s presence. Could indeed have taken a hit cause he absent

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I remember when Kounde punched Alba and got sent off whilst playing for Sevilla and Barca fans were all posting #WeAreAllKounde. Well, isn't karma a bummer.

Somewhere in Miami, Jordi must be having a wry smile to himself and who could blame him.


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I bet he's out for 2-3 months by the tragic reaction to the injury. Hamstring/muscles injuries on Barca youngsters are plague. Xavi seems to not pay any attention to the reason for this. Just throwing another Juvenil A player in the fire. I'm afraid Lamine is next, unless he has some unique DNA leg muscles.


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He is 20.. not a kid and hasnt really over played while Xavi had to play him today.

Barca need to look at number of injuries they are getting though.


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He is very limited in playing ball out from back if cant get up a head of steam.

Koune, Araujo, Balde in a back line is miles off what would expect from a Barca back line in terms of ability to play ball out under pressure and teams are targetting it tactically.


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To be honest I don't care. He is so one-dimensional, like Jordi Alba from Alixpress...

Seems like a bot. 0 creativity.

Sell to PL, and get Davies, or play Cancelo left and get Frimpong. We need offensive players, our midfield is not scoring, our attackers are not scoring so let's get a different approach because the current team needs a lot of tweaks to create a single chance.

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