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Maybe with Cubarsi entering the podium he finally realized he will never get back at CB.
Whatever it is he finally woke up and maybe there is future for him here.

Would be good if it worked out as we will probably need to keep playing with defensive RB in the future.


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Entire defensive is just settling in now for whatever reason, could be a combination of factors, some in training that we probably don't see, cubarsi, MATs etc.

Pretty sure balde would also be looking much better if he was playing.

Idk wtf was Happening at the start of the season with our defenders.


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Kounde picking up his form when needed. Very good last weeks. Let's hope he continues that way


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End last season he was picking up offensively from rightback. Then comes the summer and he had the bright idea that he wants to be CB or nothing.

Makes me wonder why he is so against being a RB. Only plausible explanation is that it's more exhausting.


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If he gets a run of games at CB he'll do just as well, his time at Sevilla wasn't a fluke, but with curbarsi coming through he might be stuck at RB.
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He has a different type of ball playing ability. At CB he wouldn't be able to do what Cubarsi is currently doing but at the same time Cuba couldn't do what Kounde is at RB.

He seems a lot more settled in the XI now and it shows on the ball. We can't expect him to have an output like Cancelo but Kounde is dangerous whenever he attacks.

Played 2nd most minutes in the squad this season, just 200 minutes behind Gündo.
CACK-line is what we'll have to rely on for the rest of the season with Iñigo and Fort there to give them some rest in the league.


If he accepts that he'll be a RB in the future than I would keep him. If he cries about his position again than sell him.

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