22 - İlkay Gündoğan


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Played under Klopp, Pep and Tuchel to name some.
Won't be surprised if he has a fast rise to the top like Xabi Alonso.

Played under the two best managers of their generation with different styles, well spoken and by all accounts has a great understanding tactically. Also seem to have the mentality where he's not happy with "graceful defeats" as some in the local media want fans to be.

The different styles is the key.
Xavi was a one team player, outside of NT he didn't expose himself to different styles.
Alonso is like Gundogan, he has tried different styles, Pep, Klopp, Tuchel, even Xavi are way different than each other.


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Tbf I saw his comments kind of like throwing team mates under the bus although probably weren't meant like that.

Not like he played good to not deserve his part of blame either.


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Team mates probably felt like he was kicking Araujo while he was down

Sometimes you have to strike a balance between Xavi's reaction and gundogan basically saying Araujo lost us the game.

I mean he did, but as team mates you don't say that, leave Araujo himself to say it.


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He’s trying to shake things up within club? Putting state of club before him being liked or not. Good on him.


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I never liked washing dirty laundry in public, these things should be talked about internally.

It's not like Araujo doesn't know he cost us the game and feel bad about that.


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Find it a bit odd that he threw everyone under the bus(including more accomplished players than him) when he himself was utter garbage against PSG and couldn't control a ball. Zero self awareness. :lol:


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Are comments still based off of solely the post-match interview? Did you guys actually listen? He says nothing controversial lol

Asking again: Did he say new stuff?


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Go and watch the video.

No way did Gundogan throw Araujo under the bus. He said it as it is.

The biggest problem with this club is that it got a loser’s mentality.

Right from Alba and Rakitic blaming the fans and claiming we should be happy we competed after Liverpool in 2019 to Xavi and Araujo outright refusing to take any responsibility for their behaviour and mistakes.

Squad’s changed. Board’s changed.

Mentality of the club still reeks from top to bottom.

Imagine getting your feelings hurt because a team mate said that we got to be smarter.


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It's more the venue, than the words, TBF.

If he said that to him in the locker room he'd probably take it on the chin.

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