21 - Frenkie de Jong


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Something is up with him this season, either that or I didn't notice it before. He's miserable, whiney and sometimes doesn't even bother to track back.


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Last games he's totaly off. What i hate the most is that he can carry the ball from 2,3 attackers and advance for 30 meters from the back, but when he gets the ball in the middle where he can carve them open by just running past them because there is no need to dribble he goes for hierarchy passes, pass to more attacking oriented player. Grow some balls, do something for yourself ffs. Same goes for pedri. Every once in the while just go for it.


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He's so fucking lazy defensively. Either fouls or switches off
Anyone who knows football has known this since his time at Ajax. But the stupid fans, who are the majority here, really wanted to see him in position 6 instead of Busquets. They argued that De Jong is much faster, so he will be better than Busques in defense.


Reminder that there is people who unironically believe this guy is a world class midfielder.

Scam whatever Premier League team comes willing to pay for him and never look back.


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I don't rate him as being "the best in the world"

Not anywhere close l.

That's just a ridiculous statement.

But if he ends up in the EPL, he'll do well, better than at Barcelona.

I don't remember who on here said it, but he's a system, he'll do well in a high function system in the EPL.

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