21 - Frenkie de Jong


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Unsellable. Need him back ASAP. The shittiest games of this team in the last 2 seasons coincided with De Jong not being fit.


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Club are that daft could easily see them selling him before vastly inferior players for political reasons.

Bayern be a good move for him if Kimmich left and they got Zubimendi.


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He is but most teams have 1 or 2 at most.

Maybe City have three with Rodri, KDB and Haaland.
True, I’d say maybe Ruben Dias too. When he’s on form anyway.

Although I guess the Pep era skewed the expectation on that when there were about 7 Barca players in there.


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Selling Frenkie would level the books but the squad would be taking a massive drop in quality.

Who would Herb want to replace him? Probably Zubimendi and inshallah Gavi-Pedri can stay fit and co-exist.

Looks torrid and we would have to be bailed out by a LaMasia guy breaking through massively again.

Hopefully stays a nonsense rumour.

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