21 - Frenkie de Jong


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We'll miss him in the clasico because I think Xavi agrees with my XI for elite games, with de jong as DM with gavi/gundogan beside him.

Now it will have to be oriol.


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Gone from Romeu will be important and got the DM as folk wanted to FDJ will play DM v better teams.

Some us told you from start that despite it not being FDJ peak position he is far better DM than Romeu who isnt good enough.


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We have a pretty big fdj problem. There is not a player in the squad that can come close to filling that role and when he's out our entire team looks poor because Xavi hasn't shown the tactical nous for a clear and consistent progressive attack.

Frenkies transitions and runs from defence + line splitting passes are the life of our attacking play. Remove that and it's back to pass ball to wings and hope for some magic.

Gundogan is great further upfront but we need someone who splits lines. Pedri is very cautious and doesn't have the mobility to play there. Not going to talk about Romeu he is usless.

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