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When start seeing the best midfielders in the world being discussed it is more and more Frenkie and Rodri being held up as the top two.. wthether that be fans online or pundits etc.

Folk bring up say 'player A is one of best midfielders in world' then next one laughs at putting them in same bracket as FDJ and Rodri for example.

For his role FDJ is the best in the world the past season and a bit.... there are many other good players though in that roaming position.. Kimmich, Enzo, Rice etc and even Rodri been playing there this season at times.

These are the midfielders the top coaches are breaking bank for and building midfields around for a reason.

Current trends in football are much more structured three in defence and in midfield with a set CF.

Less freedom there in past with players leaving positions to create over loads/over laps out wide and much more about structured teams and one from defence giving freedom from midfield... one defender getting freedom to go into midfield lines.. one DM/CM getting freedom to move for ball and and AM with some freedom also.

Structured 331 and then three players within that centrally given freedom to move and join different line and these p;ayers have to have the intelligence to know when to move abd ability to move from CB/DM to AM.

Thats what Frenkie brings in that position and what teams are seeking from Rice, Enzo.. why Pep has signed Kovacic and Nunes while also letting Rodri off leash more than ever.

Folk who think Xavi desires a structured 433 and changed to benefit Frenkie dont have a clue.

The reality is Xavi has changed along with the way many top coaches have and had in his team one of best in world for that midfield role.

Barca for me have the best group of midfielders of any team.. City included.
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If Frenkie gets hurt later in the season we are toast. Need him healthy for the knockout rounds of the Champions League.

So glad he held firm and didn’t want to leave. It would have been a massive mistake to sell him.


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Abomination. Thats the middlefield that should have happened if our board had any clue in transfer market.

Idiots in board missed so many players before their price went to sky.

Vini, Camavinga, Rodri, Rodrigo, Ferran, Alvarez, Dembele, Luis Diaz, Jesus, Guimares, Hernandez....

All of these players were linked with us, and in the end we overpaid for them, ot they went for small money somwhere else and tripled their price.

While in club we had idiots like Lenglet, Pique, Garcia, Roberto, Alba, Braithwaite, Bellerin, Umtiti which have been playing on crazy contracts.

That is madness. I know some of these players would chose RM someone else, but we could get atleast half of them.
But we got blesses with Pedri, Gavi, Araujo, Balde and Yamal. Doubt we will get lucky like this in next 2-3 years.

Board just needs to gamble more, ditch players like Kimmich and Zubimendi, and get young talents here.

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