2022 Pre-Season - starts 4th July


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We (USA) need to keep prioritizing talents over pay-to-play bullshit.

One of the biggest reasons why we lagged so far behind is because even hardcore Capitalism seeped into it and we prioritized families/Kids who have money over Pure talent. Not everyone who is talented has the money to make it.


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I don't think football is deep rooted enough in the culture here as yet for free to play to find the right talents.

Pay for play sucks though, but for now it's a necessary evil.

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Balde defended well but on offense if he beat one defender he didn't get past the second nor could he combine well with Fati. Both Balde and Roberto had decent dribbles ending with really poor giveaways. Didn't see Kessie do anything of substance. Pedri and Fati combined a tiny bit but midfield looks closed still.


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Unpopular oppinion, but Gavi is not even close as talented as Pedri is, especially in the creative department.

Why even try to compare the two amazingly talented players ?

You could easily say that Pedri is not as driven , or competitive or good at tackling as Gavi is . Given that Gavi is 2 years younger and less experienced he has shown some lovely bits of skill


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Diario Sport's player ratings for the USA pre-season tour: (Midfield)

Busquets - 7
Pedri - 7
Gavi - 7
Frenkie - 7
Pjanic - 7
Nico - 6
Pablo Torre - 6
Collado - 5
Kessie - 6

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