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Overturning this decisions will always be rare because at the end of the day they need to show support for the referees rather than publicly admitting the mistake.
This is Spain, they will need to "stick together "


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I know people will be mad about this but its very very rare for any cards to be overturned in cases other than mistaken identity or where they literally just did not see something.
If the referee made a decision on a play they will basically never overturn it no matter which club it is.

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A few months ago I said they would use the Negreira case to make more egregious favours for Real Madrid. Laporta said that the same last week.

Normally, Barca congratulates Madrid on socials when it ' wins' titles. But I hope they don't this year. With the scandalous reversal of Nacho and the Almeria game, even the most naive can not be in any more doubt.

Basta ya to this sports corruption.


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In a normal world I would be okay with that. You can argue voiding yellow cards like that undermines referees bla bla bla.

But with the recent shit show of refereeing I am not so sure. Fuck them.


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Not sure how there isn't more open discussion about the farce this year. The decisions going for Madrid are scandalous to say the least. Nobody except barca supporters seems to be talking about it. Not even neutrals outside Spain. Shambolic.
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