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ffs, just grab whatever we have in La Masia and give them the chance - honestly, they can't be worse and we might find another gem or two


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Sergio Busquets

"I also think that Oriol Romeu, who is still
very young and plays for Barcelona, will play
a prominent role and fight for [the Ballon
d'Or] in the future too."

(via L'Équipe)


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He's been pure shit. Only reason he's even part of the squad is because he used to play here for youth team/Catalan bias.

That clown Song was a better dm than him.


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hope he is out of the squad list for this one so Xavi doesn't get tempted to use him not even for 5 minutes.
Feel bad saying this, he looks like a good guy, but he could destroy us if he played.


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Forget Busquets, if Oriol Romeu continues to develop, he will be our starting defensive midfielder in two years time.

Sorry if there is a thread for him elsewhere...
The starting post aged really well :D
:D :D

edit: It's even funnier with the post above, where Xavi shouldn't be tempted to use him even for 5 minutes
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We should play Oriol Romeu. Lucho's main target will be to close down Oriol.

But then we use him as a decoy and pump balls over the top of his triple press, leaving us 10 vs 7 in attack.

4D chess.

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