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I like almost everything about this guy except the physics. He's really weak and scrawny and gets bullied buy stronger bodies easily, which is why he resorts to lot of faint touch simulation. He's a bit like Busquets in this department and it can work sometimes, but i'd think he should bulk up a bit, if he can.


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Felix will look even better once De Jong is back and there is some quality in midfield. Hopefully Pedri can stay healthy and get back to the form he was in at his peak the previous season.

Romeu is a waste of space and Gavi provides no outlet or organization to our midfield. It looks like wack a mole with holes everywhere.

I don't think AM will let us have him for a reasonable fee unfortunately, but the truth is he's looked really good for us despite the rest of the team lacking any sort of creativity at all, what so ever. Complain about his previous spells at other clubs, but that doesn't matter to me if he's consistently looking good for us while the rest of our current, uninjured players look like hot garbage.


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So far he's been unbelievable this season. Last time I saw a Portuguese do magic for Barca was Luis Figo, 24 years ago. Quaresma for a short period during the dark ages of 2003.
i promised you guys he will be a success, his level improved a lot over the last 2 years at nt, Chelsea and Atletico were not the right clubs for his role


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When asked about if he wanted to be one of the protagonists for the club for the next several years, he said, as quoted by DAZN:

“Yes of course, we all have to show leadership to move the team forward and I think over time I can get better at that. I am so happy at Barcelona. People have received me wonderfully. My family is happy here and I am happy with how people treat us. We are all happy.”

He was also quizzed about El Clasico, since he will be making his debut in the fixture this weekend.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

“I remember a lot of matches, especially the 4-0 at the Bernabeu. We talked about it in the locker room. I always watched El Clásico and supported Barcelona.”

Felix has never won a game against Real Madrid playing for Atletico Madrid, losing six times and drawing twice. He does not have a single goal contribution against Los Blancos either.

“I did not know about this record, but I think that’s true. Well, I hope this will change this weekend,” he said when asked about it.

He went on to detail the difference between the Madrid derby and El Clasico, both incredible fixtures in their own right.

“The derby is important, but El Clasico is still El Clasico. Everyone waits for this match every year. Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two biggest clubs in the world, and the rivalry between them has been great for several years. I think it’s much bigger than just a derby.”

On Pedri, Gavi, Lewandowski:

“I knew Pedri before I came to Barcelona because I spoke to him twice on Instagram. As for Gavi, I knew him from our battles on the pitch when we faced each other.”

“When I came I knew that Gavi was different off the pitch. On the pitch, I knew him but off it, he was a good boy and very funny and I got along with him,” Felix added.

Felix also spoke very highly about Robert Lewandowski, who might miss the Real Madrid clash due to an ankle injury.

“I have a great understanding with Lewa, because we constantly pass to each other and we can prepare layoffs for each other to score. I play very close to him.”

“We try to play easily and effectively. I get along with a lot on and off the pitch, but on the field, we have a great understanding. I love how he plays, there is always coordination between us and we get along perfectly,” he went on to add.
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