14 - João Félix


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João Félix is very clear. He only wants Barça. This is also what he has transmitted to Atlético Madrid. The sports management and Hansi Flick agree that the Portuguese should continue.


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He made a big effort salary wise when he joined us. It won't be as easy this year and he certainly will have to be paid more.

Otherwise a loan with the exact same conditions would be good. Second year always better than the first.


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Depends on if we can get anybody else and how much Felix wages will be. Beggars can't be choosers and he might move his ass a little more under Flick.


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🚨🔥 | BREAKING: Hansi Flick wants João Felix to STAY!

▪️Barcelona management agrees with Flick, believing that Xavi did not fully utilize Felix's potential. They are confident that Flick can bring out the best in the Portuguese star. 🇵🇹

[Xavier Ortuno]

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