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“I intend to resemble Luis Enrique closely [as a coach] because I know I’ll never be able to reach Pep [Guardiola],” he said.

“I lived three spectacular years with Luis Enrique. When we talk about the importance of coaches for a footballer it has nothing to do with the titles but with the importance in your career.

“The most influential may be Pep because of the drastic change but Luis Enrique gave our ideas another twist. Pep is incomparable, a genius impossible to imitate.

“I think Luis is up there with Pep but he is more attainable for those of us who want to be coaches.”

Source | Mundo Deportivo

I have a feeling he will be a better coach than Xavi. Hope he one day comes to Barca if he becomes as good as expected.


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I know 4 players from that French team, OTOH only recognize Luka Romero.

Garnacho been on some headlines lately too as he was called up for Argentina a few months ago, didn't play though. Was also a regular on United's bench the last stretch of the season.


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On this day 12 years ago, Barcelona signed Javier Mascherano.



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Argentina U-20 lost to Paraguay.
Not best start for his coaching careers, though Argentinians might take it as good omen lol


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Not good.



Tbh I think it's hard(er) to start coaching career as a (youth) NT coach where you don't have that much time to work with the players as in clubs. You play those 10 or so games every year and then "older" players can become too old/ineligible and you have to bring up more youngsters to replace them.

Might not turn out to be a good coach but wouldn't just write him off yet.
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Not all are cut out to be good managers.

I remember the trend 10 years ago when there were a handful of Pep wannabees - young manager, preferrably a club icon with little or no top level experience, but vision and passion. Very few of those succeeded.


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At the opposite i think he will make it.

He didn't start with an easy job with a ready team like Lampard ...etc

He is learning from the bottom, it would still have been better if he started at a youth club

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