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Born: 8 June 1984
Position: defensive midfielder/central defender
Nationality: Argentina

As both Yaya Toure and Keita could be unavailable for around 2 months for the African Nations Cup. Pep wants to bolster his defensive midfield options. He has his eyes set on Javier Mascherano of Liverpool and may place a bid for 22 mil.

Signing Mascherano can be a good move as later he can rotate with Yaya.


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I like the guy and think he would fit in perfectly. We´ll definitely need someone to cover for those 2 players next winter. Benitez is unlikely to sell though


He's the best at his position in the world. Would love to have him come to Barca.

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I like the guy and think he would fit in perfectly. We´ll definitely need someone to cover for those 2 players next winter. Benitez is unlikely to sell though
Liverpool is in financial shit. they lost 40 million this year, and i think they would consider all offers...

I'm only not sure about passport issue's with this guy...
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He is good like De Rossi but we have Yaya , he's gonna go to African Cup so we need a back up for midfielder but Mascheran doesnt become a back up
Seriously why are even considering him? He may be the best in his position, but we've already got 3 players who can play in his position; & if you pair him alongside Xavi and Iniesta all the opposition's midfield would have to do would be to chip the ball over our heads. IMO better keep the 20m+ that we would splash on him for players that we really need or just save it.


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if we wanted another DM i wud 've preferred mikel obi (younger,taller,better temperament n doesnt give away too may fouls unlike mascherano)...but he probably too ll be leaving for the African tournament...With mascherano in our side we ll basically end up havin a midfield of midgets & ll go frm bad to worse at defending set pieces...
I find him despicable and just not barca type...Even if Dani comes across as a c*nt he is funny, so talented and the very best at wht he does...but wit mascherano i really dnt know...if we start buyin players like him i think ll soon join the list of most hated clubs around the world...i Just hope if he comes here we dnt lose Yaya n he still remains our first choice DM coz hez so much better thn this wanker...


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for me mascherano is the best defensive midfielder in the world.. this guy is amazing and he would help us so much. i love yaya but i hate the exit hints that he keeps on throwin. yaya is also one of the best 3 DM in the world.. if he could stay loyal to us then i dont think we need any other player in his position


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The only way I can see him coming is if we sell Keita. 4 DM is too much, especially when we rarely if ever play with 2 at the same time.

Yeah, Mascherano coming into the Barca team could well mean that we would have to sell Keita. The thing is that Pep is right to think about getting a CDM now, as both Keita and Yaya would be unavailable for about 2 months. And 2 months is a long time. If we don't get anyone now we would be left with only Sergi. On the other hand, having Mascherano and Yaya in the squad would mean that there would be a very healthy competition between the two. I would start Yaya ahead of Mash though.

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