13 - Iñaki Peña


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If this MATS injury lasts any longer teams are going to start winning games off targeting him.

Fact the gap hasn't extended much is a miracle.

Equally, we need to sign a emergency replacement if he is going to be out for some time more if we want to get anything this season.
It's amazing it hasn't started to happen already.

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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Just goes to show how shot stopping is actually only a small part of being a goalkeeper. His shot stopping has been actually fairly good, would probably look awesome in training saving shots from the edge of the penalty area.

It's just every other facet of his goalkeeping is just so sub par. The goalkeeper is the most important player on the pitch. For a big club not to have a good backup is absurd, especially when you can pick up decent goalkeepers in their early 30s for peanuts.


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His lack of communication again at Betis 1st goal. Both him and Araujo fought over the ball only to concede from a rebound.


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They let a better GK walk away for free to PSG.

Not saying Tenas would be some world beater here, but at some point gotta question the decision making of the people in charge too.


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I'm really not going to fault him as we know what we get when we decided to have him as backup.

Atleast he is playing at his best level and not making fuck ups in possession and nerves like other keepers could in his situation.

Makes some decent saves when counted on too.

So yeah.


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Why is he trying so hard to look exactly like MATS and even move like him too? He looks like his doppelganger

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