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Raphinha: "I will continue at Barça. Next season and the next, and the next, I have many years on my contract and I hope to fulfil those years and many more."

Don't think he's leaving this summer. But if expectations were high in his first season they'll be even higher now that he'll be considered adapted. I hope he can have a bigger impact, but I doubt it as I don't see him as that type of player.


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I don't mind this cat to be honest.

Not to the most elegant player but at least he was clutch with some pretty crucial goals and assists last season. Probably will improve his overall play next season as well.

Would definitely keep him for another year.


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He's ok, hopefully he'll have an even better second season. But we need to ship out that bum Torres...

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I would pretend to the Saudis to be pissed off that we have to sell him cheap for 70m in order to register new signings.

But when the deal is done I would be doing cartwheels of joy that we were actually able to get that much for him. :pep:


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They say it is a 20m/yr, 3 year contract. They also say that an offer hasn't been made to Barca.

In my day that was called either tapping up or made up.


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Well Al-Nassr have received a transfer ban so that's 1 of 3 clubs out of the picture.

Actually if you look at the actual signings by the Saudi clubs, there are not many and certainly not for big fees. And all a bit shit too.

Agents would have you believing everyone is there drinking their ZamZam already.

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