1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant

Sailor Mars

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He would've neve allowed the 1st goal to happen.

Also btw, another L for the fans who thought Onana was better than him and could replace him at Barca.


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Miss you mister.

"Iñaki Peña has already conceded the same goals as ter Stegen this season. The German conceded 15 goals in 17 games, while his substitute has conceded the same figure in just 9 matches."

"ter Stegen is cutting deadlines in his recovery and could reappear at the end of January, two weeks ahead of his supposed return."


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Baldy badly missed.

Not even just from the GK stand point but a poor GK causes unease in defence and all looks chaotic.. it did with MATS as well at times but has been worse lately. Even mor chaotic with far worse GK behind it.

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