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  • Good luck also with your course!

    Yeah I've been there in England before for vacation but never in winter. So I am bracing myself for the cold winter weather he he!

    Oops, I didnt realize that I have replied to my own wall. Sorry for that. Btw, congrats for being the new mod of the forum, well done :)
    Ah MJ I just saw that you wrote on your own wall not on mine, so I didn't see that you replied ;)

    That's cool, good luck then for you time in England! Have you ever been there before? I'm sure you'll find it hard to adjust to the winter weather as a Filipina :lol:

    Yeah History's awesome! So I'm glad to be at a uni that's quite old in itself, lots of history about the place I suppose. World history, but with a focus on European.

    Hehehe I see you've gotten yourself an admirer btw :p
    Yeah it was only recently that it has been confirmed..

    Cambridge? How nice :) So you love history eh? What kind of history are you going to study? World? European perhaps?
    Aah how interesting! Sounds good! Is it only recently that this came about?
    I'll be doing something a bit less business-oriented hehe. I'll be studying History at Cambridge, although it's only for undergrad so hopefully I will be able to specialise later, after I'm finished with my 3 years!
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