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  • Yeah, the curious thing about the scandinavian football is that you usually have strong national teams, but your domestic leagues are not on the same level. Maybe because all of your talented players are always playing abroad (usually in England, from what I see). This year Levski eliminated two swedish teams from the Europa League (Kalmar and AIK), but for example - we always lose by Sweden on national level :D
    Yes, he's still their captain. I actually dislike him, because I support Levski Sofia (CSKA's main rival), but one thing I can't deny about him is that he's always leaving his heart on the pitch. In terms of football qualities - he's just average, but he plays with a lot of desire. ;)
    Ahh, okay. I asked you because I remember a bulgarian player playing in Randers not too much ago - Todor Yanchev, so I was curious if you had an opinion of him, but I guess you don't. So it's ok :)
    Hey Fontàstic, welcome to the forum! I just validated your account and your posts should be visible now. Noticed you have made a few posts already, please continue we are a community that values participation and member interaction. See you on the boards!

    - Lindsay, moderator
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