Would you give Alexis + cash for Vidal?

Alexis + cash for Vidal. Yes or no?

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Pepe Silvia

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Sounds like trouble. We have players like Mascherano and Cesc who can tackle in midfield and intercept if need be and even Song who can perhaps add to physicality and muscle in the middle of the park. If Tata needs to change up some tactics, I'm of the opinion that he can do it with his current roster.

Also, with Alexis, there is no need to disturb something that has taken 2+ seasons to finally get functioning. I can see the need for a CB, GK, CF, maybe recruiting one or two B players, and to offload a few players, but I don't see the need for Vidal, as talented as he is. Plus, you can't assume Vidal will come here and just slot right in with the Catalan group and integrate without a transition phase. He appears to be a player that would have a hard time getting on with some of our players, who are the 'nice' type. He doesn't seem like a nice guy (which is not a slight to him by the way.)


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depending on the amount of cash, if its reasonable then yes.

sanchez deserves to be playing down the middle to become the top star his talent deserves and we need a top player in midfield to add to what we already have


The Culest
If the cash is upto 10m then I will consider it. But that will never happen so alexis is here to stay people


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Yes, in a heartbeat. Alexis is good but we have Pedro and Neymar, also Deulofeu can return.


Also, Vidal is a much more impactful player than Alexis.

Im just hoping Barcelona can sign a midfielder like Vidal, Gundogan or Kroos this summer.


I liked Alexis this season. Both him and Pedro had considerable improvement this season, so my initial answer is no. But if Barca could manage a better deal out of Alexis+cash for anyone (whether be Vidal or someone else) then why not?


Momo un Bello Uomo
It would seem absurd and simply money wasting for us to sign a CDM with the current squad we have. We dont need him, let alone lose one of our brightest talents in the mix.

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