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My first WC memory: Roger Milla's goal celebrations in Italy 1990

My best WC memory: Denmark beating Nigeria 4-1 and losing narrowly to Brazil 3-2 in France with both Laudrup brothers playing

My worst WC memory: Holland in 2010. Horrible football and thuggish behaviour

EDIT: Roger Milla... not Luis, of course.
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My first WC memory: Losing the final to Germany in the last minutes. WC 1990

My best WC memory: Argentina beating England in WC 1998

My worst WC memory: WC 2002


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My first memory: Korea's fixed game against Spain.*

Best memory: Don's goal against Holland.*

Worst memory: Iran in 2006.

* I apparently was watching Iran-US which Iran won but I don't remember as I was too young.


My first memory: Ronaldo scoring again Oliver Khan in 2002. I remember watching it at a Hotel Bar.

My best memory: Spain winning it in 2010.

My worst memory: Ghana being knocked out in 2010 by Uruguay after Suarez handball.

Other: Zidane headbutt and expulsion in 2006.


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My first world cup memory:- El Diego destroying England at Mexico 86.

My best memory:- Italy-Germany game in 06, Bergkamp & Owen goals in 98, Suarez handball for the LOLZ! and Iniesta's winner.

My worst memory:- Roberto Baggio's missed pen in 94. I was heart broken for him as he was and still is an icon of mine./ Germany-England 1990 pens.

Other:- Corruption in 2002 was shocking.........


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My first memory: First WC i watched was 1990, was 10 back then and i dont remember much except for most of games being extremely boring in my opinion

Best memory: Iniestas goal vs negative Holland team, i really wanted Spain to win WC finally

Worst memory: Dutch team losing to Brazil in 1994, i used to be huge supporter of Dutch team because of their gamestyle, was so sad to see them go down


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My first memory: World cup of 2006. Zidane's headbutt in particular.
My best memory: Netherlands beating Brazil in 2010
Worst memory: Netherlands losing final against Spain, however I was happy for the Barca players :)

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First memory: World Cup 2006, Nakamura's goal vs Australia
Best memory: Iniesta's goal :worthy:
Worst memory: Italy winning the WC


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First WC memory- Beckham's freekick against Argentina in 2002. Also remember Ariel Ortega bouncing a ball on his head for a 1998 WC ad and the Ricky Martin song from 1998 but not sure if those qualify.....

Best memory: Donfather- Enough said.......

Worst memory- The corruption in WC 2002


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My first memory: Korea's fixed game against Spain.*

Best memory: Don's goal against Holland.*

Worst memory: Iran in 2006.

* I apparently was watching Iran-US which Iran won but I don't remember as I was too young.

Who is the guy in your avatar. He has a lot to live up to following Zubi......:pep:


Remember seeing World Cup 1998 games in USA, at pretty early hours.

Holland-Brazil Semifinals, Ronaldo scored just as the 2nd half started and the idiots from the American television didn't finish the commercials and they stopped them to show Ronaldo celebrating.

I don't have many bad memories, but I remember one of the happiest moments was seeing USA kicking Portugal's ass in 2002 opening group match and leading 3-0, totally surprising, doubled by the victory over Mexico.

Korea-Italy in 2002 was another good memory, seeing they're boring butts getting brutalized by the Asians, remember they were pretty aggressive that day on them, and all finished with that brilliant Golden Goal.

Funny moments: Remember Owen as a future big start ( lol, fail :lol: ) or how the English commentators were saying a few minutes before the end of Romania-England that "if something happens, for sure it would be England to win it".

A red card just few seconds after he was sent in in 1994 in Detroit, with that weird intellectual mustache.
The people here called the Pontiac Silverdome, the Silver Doom :lol:.


Another funny moment was Jeff Agoos's face after the 2-3 own goal against Portugal, it's good they resisted till the end.

Bad memories are from 2006, with two mediocre teams playing the final, The Netherlands proved that in the 2008 Group Stages.
Australia should have made it to the Semifinals in 2006, Brazil was baaad, Ronaldinho was awful and despite everybody seeing them capable of eating everything they failed. Zidane overrated, France was helped to win the Round 2 game against Spain with that foul that didn't exist and made it 1-2 at the end.
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