World Cup 2022


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Messi got 2 and played better all game. Some of those runs and passes and vision was incredible. Mbappe turned it on after 80 minutes

Also, france had 2 equally strong first eleven. Massive advantage when some starters didn't perform. Argentina were gassed when MBappe started delivering. Case can be made for both, but who fucking cares now......


I remember him after the 2014 WC final loss to Germany and all the flak he took all the years from Messi and Argentina fans. Very happy for him.

I really thought he'd just never win it. Same with Copa America. Especially after the initial retirement which made me not think very highly of him. But his determination to come back every time... Man. He really wrote himself into the history books more than I could have imagined.

I don't care as much for Messi (compared to most on here, of course) and I'm still sad for the Bayern players who lost today, but it would have been incredibly sad to see Messi come so far and seem clear for the win only to lose it at the end, after dominating play in the final.


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Maradona is probably watching from above the moment Messi finally won the WORLD CUP.. ARGENTINA CAMPEON :messi::worthy::worthy:

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