World Cup 2018


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You guys are all worrying about Croatia-Iceland match where as Nigeria can probably win or even draw and end Argentina's hope right at that match :lol: With this team and coach, I won't be surprised.


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Hopefully Croatia will try their best. They might rest a few but those new players will be looking to show what they can do. Also Iceland made Croatia go through A play off to get to the world cup so Croatia might want to show them who's boss A days less rest for Nigeria and Iceland after playing in that heat might tell also. But really hopefully the best argentina turn up and that would be a different formation and midfield than last night


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Noone, because Iran will beat them :D



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at this point i'm up for firing sampaoli and letting the players do their thing. either way it could end in the next match or they go all the way. at least we will have a crazy world cup, after all the shit 1-0 results up until now.

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