Why is football boring to watch now?


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Good example :ROFLMAO:

Youre right in terms of justice but you lose emotions, sometimes after a team i like scores a goal i wait automatically instead of celebrating to check if VAR says yes....

What's the harm in celebrating it after the goal has been approved by VAR?

Otherwise just celebrate the goal and take a lil L if it's disallowed.

Which is worse? Taking a 2 minute L during a game or discussing and regretting an unfair robbery due to human error a decade later?

Do you remember the last time you celebrated a goal that was ruled out? In the bigger picture you won't even remember it after a week.

But every fan remembers when their club was robbed by refs. Ask Chelsea fans. Ask Juventus fans. Ask PSG fans. Numerous examples and everybody is still talking about it years later.

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