Who's the best/greatest

Who is the best/greatest player ever? This is my first poll ever so dont judge me

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Because he's on every fucking thread, and this stupid manchild goat/boat/ronaldo/messi shit. Lunatic, yes, like yourself with 5000 posts in 6 months, if i need 1 therapy session you need a 24/7 shrink team for taking care of your ass to start live outside a forum of a club you dont support.

Call a spade a spade brother,I can live with being called a " troll cunt " . It's just that it completely confuses me how there are people who think Ronaldo is better ABILIY WISE than Messi at FOOTBALL.I thought I only met tons of those people at Redcafe but now I see you get people who think CR7 is better at any forum.

Messi 786g 347a in 996g ( 104 mins per goal,72 per contribution )
Ronnie 818g 234a in 1140g (113 per goal, 88 per contribution )

How even 1 person in this world can think Ronaldo is better drives me craaazy.
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