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The number of chances scored doesnt tell the whole story either.

The type of chances getting matter and Vini playing on last man has had more last man type chances than Messi would.

Also being wasteful isnt always about missing chances it could being in a situation where make wrong choice or delay on ball too long and chance is missed.

Messi is about the best finisher of all time and levels ahead of Vini on that front.

Vini even in his best seasons has been up and down in games with lots of poor errors in amongst good moments.

It is one of his strengths that he can be having a wasteful game and not give a single flying fuck and will want ball to make things happen again the next minute. He is relentless.

El Gato

Yea, but he was saying he ain't 'Ballon DOr material' or whatever. Be interesting to know who is then when capable of this sort of success rates. Unless we change the debated claim to "he's had a purple patch of a year" and this is otherwise it, or we start veering into some territory where noone that gets near enough Messi-CR, 19/20 Lewa or some years of Ney is worth considering.

In any case I just don't see the issue.
He ain't no #1 even if often had to be so for RM but he's a fantastic #2, but thats not even about what he does and produces either but about the intangibles

The only player in FloPer era who was asked to do this much on his own was CR. And Hazard I guess but wrongly so and backfired. He's doing very well with it considering pressure, external BS he shouldn't have to deal with and now change of position


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Does he or does he not resemble a monkey when gesturing and whining?

Nothing to do with race. Look at Belle Ingham or whoever the fecks. No one gives s damn.

Pluss... We have our own ugly ones . Quasimodos and such.

Grow up Vicinicus. Or Vinicius. Whatever

Anyone who played football knows you go for the weak spot to destabilize anyone. Problem with that monkey is that he is stupid and enabled. And ugly. Perez must love it :lol:


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Racial provocation is as good as any for hostile rival. Only blacks go on and whine to media about it, because they are insecure simpletons, who are institutionally enabled to do this. Insecure mainly because libs/leftists made them this way. They have no self respect as personalities, they only see themselves through the leftist created racial lens. Which is even more ridiculous, because blacks are the most racist race of them all and against any different race, not just whites. And they absolutely don't feel shame or remorse about it unlike majority of whites. So why should we give a shit about this low IQ enabled media queen, who should kiss european asses for even allowing him to be here earn millions by being a ball kicker and not live in his native squalor instead?
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I wanted to be gracious but Gnidro nailed it.

Just don't take yourself too seriously when you're performer and then at hostile crowds.
I heard worse here at Dinamo Zagreb when certain player married s starlet and had to endure opposition chants how everyone fucked her but he had to marry her. And those were a whole stand chants. Not individuals calling a player monkeying around that looks like a monkey, a monkey.

He's just a dumb and ugly monkey looking black guy. We have a Quasimodo here at Barca, see no problems there.

Worse still in Spain to play a victim when you know their whole identity was built on winning back their lost country from the dark skinned Moors who occupied the most of peninsula for 300 years or so.
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The truth is is that he actually ENCOURAGES it by deliberately antagonising opposition fans. The reason he does this is because it actually BENEFITS him.

He wants to be seen as the symbol of fighting racism in Spain as it gains him millions of fans worldwide and even murals in the town of his bitter rivals. All his most liked social media posts are in regards to him 'fighting' against this oppression.

Rashford use of school dinners worked beautifully for him. For Vini he will use another route. The social justice warrior has never been so popular or profitable.

You are all being played.
Encouraged it at the end there, as predicted. Pretty much begged for it. Now, everyone is crying for Vini, giving him all the attention, attention he couldn't get on the pitch because Araujo gave birth to him.

Make yourself a victim .... make yourself a symbol of struggle .... make yourself popular ... make yourself MONEY.


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