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any chance this guy ends up better than neydive?

Neymar isn't a benchmark imo. He's already 27 & is being outclassed by a 20 year old. Even if we let Mbappe aside, he hasn't done anything notable, nor does he have a personality to be called a great.

He can definitely end up better than Neymar, the question is, WILL HE BE ABLE TO REPLACE CRISTIANO RONALDO?

But tbh if he even becomes a starter for them, its money well spent.
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From now on, he is known as Viniciusinho, because Vinicius just doesnt cut it anymore.

Lol BS. The name makes him sound like a Roman emperor. Perfectly makes him fit in with the club's fondness for classics, even though he still has that Brazillian samba mojo.


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Also, if he turns out to be as good as we hope, not only will it benefit the team, but Perez might finally stop being butthurt about Neymar, which would also be great for building teams in the future.


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any chance this guy ends up better than neydive?

I know we like to shit on Neymar, but he's a generational talent and Vinicius just isn't that. Neymar just isn't dedicated and serious enough which would be a pity if he still was at Barca, but not our problem now. But Vinicius is def not going to reach Neymar's heights even if it never lasts too long.

Vinicius to me is a James Rodriguez level talent, that's his ceiling, which isn't bad as James when in groove is absolutely World Class.

If we're being completely honest then none of the young prodigies right now outside of arguably Mbappe is that. Vinicius is good though. RM won't regret paying 40m for him, already paying off as he's showing he definitely got the talent to be a regular starter and contributor for them if not now then surely in the future.
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I have to admit that he looks better and more promising than I would have thought. Still very early. I think that he will be a Robinho type of player (level wise) and maybe slightly better or slightly worse. That ain't too bad but nothing that will make me lament that we missed out on him.


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I watched this guy when he was 15 in some youth tournament. He was faster than everyone and stronger than everyone despite playing against U17s. But there was no technique, vision or close control to be found. And now I look at him at Real Madrid and he's got all that. I can't remember another player who developed close control like that, typically players are born with it.

I said he was gonna be a flop and Rodrygo a superstar (one which we scouted first but decided to waste money on Malcom later on) but it seems I may be wrong. I'm now scared Rodrygo will be even better.

Anyway, there was I watching Real Madrid games for the first time in years (apart from El Clasicos) because they were a shambles and a laughing stock but along comes this 18-year-old to spoil my fun. Hopefully Solari will bench him when Bale and Asensio return from injury.


His physique is impressive. He can already outplay the La Liga defender using his pace.

Neymar is more mature and better decision maker at early age. But his physique is not comparable to Vinicius.

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