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We haven't really effectively replaced him until this season tbh. His importance to us that year is so underestimated it is untrue. This year we got Sergi Busquets, who is a similar sort of player to Van Bommel as in he's a mean ass motherfucker, but is technically sound aswell. I hope he gets a great reception, he's a hero, especially for his fist pumping against Madrid. You could really tell despite only spending a year with us that he fell in love with the club.


won both the League and the CL with him. Whenever I think of him, only good memories come to mind ..


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He was one of my fav players during that season, as said before, I really have good memories when I think of Barça with him on the pitch...

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Was Van B only with us for one year? I always liked that fella

Gotta +1 that. Van Bomber was awesome. He was the kind of guy you could put in and know that his agressiveness would make our opponent think twice about harrassing our creative talent. Got into the box on attacks, kept his head down and did his job. Best of all, he scores for Bayern against Real and celebrated like he was at Barcelona.

How can you not love the guy :lol:


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Mark van Bommel after FC Barcelona-Bayern:

“They made us look like amateurs in the first half. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Barcelona can be unstoppable. We were lucky it was still only 4-0 at the end. If we’d scored, we might just have been in with a shout in the return. But maybe Barcelona will only send out eight men in Munich – that would give us a chance.“


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He he, nice Bommel.

Seriously though, I like him and all, but he is a pig on the field.


MvB was always like that and that's why we loved him. Sad that Bayern fans don't appreciate what he brings to the side.


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Van Bommel was an important piece of the jigsaw that everyone forgot about that season. But what he did to Messi was poor and un-professional.

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