Uefa Nations League 2022-23


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What an injury fest the Nations League has been. Ridiculous to even play it with a World Cup looming and ridiculous number of domestic games. Outside of major tournaments, international football is shite.

I agree that nations league kinda derails the season for clubs, but i mean, this joke of a world cup thats coming up will derail everything anyway.


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This UEFA nation's league thing was a joke to start with. Just another way for UEFA and the national FA's to cash in.


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I like it (The Hungary run is a great story), but everything has been screwed with this World Cup change of schedule. And now that pandora's box has been opened the World Cup can be moved to any time of year going forward.

And more fixtures will be added to the calender with extended Super Cup tournaments, not to mention CL and League games going to America and possibly Middle-East and even China.

Football died a long time ago.


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How can anyone prefer Azpilicueta over Carvajal is beyond me. If Lucho keeps playing this backline and forwards, This spanish team is not even going beyond group stages in the world cup.
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