UEFA Euro 2024


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Are there actually any interesting remaining games?

Other than CR's annual statpadding game v Liechtenstein which for him is like a CL final.

Unfortunately, this euro quali has not really interesting matches thats why everybody want club matches back.

Matches i can recommend: Liechtenstein - Portugal and maybe Nordmacedonia - Italy as Italy is third atm and need to win + Nordmacedonia has only 3 points less than Italy and also needs to win + Nordmacedonia kicked Italy out of the WM22 last year so also some revenge vibes

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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I don't think I've ever watched a Euro qualifier in full. ( 90 minutes ). Mind bogglingly boring. The only qualifier in the world I will watch the full 90 is Brazil Vs Arg. Luckily we have that in a few days time



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Bulgaria 2-2 Hungary. Good result for both teams, I believe Hungary qualified for EURO 2024.

The Bulgarian football association decided to play the game behind closed doors. What will be remembered from that night is the riot of football fans outside the stadium. Many injured fans, police as well. People are fed up with the football association, same faces who have been in charge for 18 years now and the results are tragic. They are to blame, but clubs are in this too, investing in foreign players rather than develop their academies. Bulgaria is light years behind in team sports.


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Hey my friends, if you want to see a exciting match look Germany vs Turkey, for german fans even a friendy match is like a WC final after the two horrible tournaments from germany

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