U17 World Cup 2023


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What team have looked strongest this far?

This is not a sarcastic answer, but the best have been those who have reached the quarters. In that I mean, no surprises so far.

Spain beat Mali in the group for example, but Mali played with 10 men most of that game. So I'm not sure if in an even game that there would be much difference.

Inside this tournament itself
-Argentina have looked a little stronger than Brazil (while Brazil won the recent U17 SA Cup
-Spain have looked stronger than Germany (while Germany won the recent U17 Euro Cup)
-Mali have looked stronger than Senegal (while Senegal won the recent U17 African Cup).

My guess is winner comes from Spain/Brazil side of draw with Mali and France having a live chance on the other side.


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England eliminated by Uzbekistan. :ROFLMAO:

They were very good against Spain to be fair, while this England side hasn't looked as good as past generations.

Senegal-France to conclude the quarter finals team. That 15 year old Amara Diouf who we were linked with before (signed with Metz) is on the bench.

Must be a bit special. Already played for the full Senegal side.


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Well Spain are out in typically Spanish fashion. Dominate possession and then lose to a penalty.

Germany surely won't reach the final based on this performance.

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