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What happened to wanting Thiago? :p

Thiago left a year before :p

I'd have kept Thiago if it was possible though, and would be open to getting him back, but he'd be expensive so no point now really. Shouldn't let a valuable asset like him leave in the first place, and I will always be salty about it.

Hope we don't repeat the same mistake with someone like Alena.


We should have gotten Modric when he was available. Now that was the real stupid decision. Instead we picked up Song that summer. :slap:


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Were we ever linked much to Modric? I cannot remember it. Kroos however we reportedly were interested in.

Song was signed as a CB lol


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I know that. But the fact of the matter is that Song was the only acquisition we made that summer and he was completely useless. We should have spent that cash on Modric.

Was never going to happen when Pep had pushed so hard for Cesc the year before and Barca on top of that Xavi, Iniesta and Thiago which proved to be too many too keep happy.

Only way Modric would have arrived at Barca would have been if Pep had pushed for him instead of Fabregas.

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Kroos' goal vs. Sevilla




Kroos' goal vs. Celta Vigo






doesnt help that hes a hard working and relatively quiet, as well as classy, dude. if he werent itd be easier to ignore him or wish he'd never come here


He's still a tremendous player technically and on the ball but he doesn't seem to be impacting Madrid matches as much recently. I always get the impression watching him that he is as perfect a player you can be for someone with such little (by professional standards) athleticism but that doesn't seem to be enough this season.

With Madrid's troubles going forward, it might be worth dropping him into Casemiro's spot and putting Isco at LCM

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