The Negreira case


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There is an update on the case were a document whowed we payed for negreira that has multiple spelling mistakes, an official document cant have these on it especially if written by software and not hand writing, this is suspicious 😒


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Rosell and Bartomeu were involved but not Laporta who paid the most money to Negreira yearly than any other president.

Strange type of reporting.

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Am starting to think this was one whole stitch up to cover up for the fact that they are aggressively state funding Madrid.

Highest net spend in Europe the year before COVID, 300m spent on 3 midfielders since, 200m plus record wages and signing on fees ready and waiting for Mbappe. Hundreds of millions spent on refurbishing stadium. All whilst the rest of the league can't register free transfers.

Classic diversionary tactic. No one can complain or question because they will be met with " Negreiga this, Negreiga that. ". This Negreiga stuff had been known about for years but only surfaced as something insidious now? Pfft.


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The Civil Guard has concluded the report requested by the court investigating the 'Negreira case' and establishes that under the direction of Victoriano Sánchez Arminio and his right-hand man José María Enríquez Negreira, the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) had a " irregular operation" and that their decisions "would not always have had impartial sporting support.
EL MUNDO has had exclusive access to the document, which is already in the possession of the Court of Instruction number one of Barcelona, and which traces the massive outflow of cash from Negreira's accounts, to which FC Barcelona paid more of 8 million euros over two decades for services that the Armed Institute considers completely false. "His services are not supported by documentary support beyond the invoices" issued by the instrumental companies of the historic number two of the Spanish arbitrators, emphasize the researchers, who debunk the existence of any type of real advisory work. .
Not in vain, the Civil Guard highlights that FC Barcelona itself was forced to acknowledge to the Treasury the "inappropriateness of the expense" and had to pay a large tax penalty for it. He adds that Barça "has not provided the identity of the professionals who would have developed the services" by Negreira's companies and that it has not provided "a copy of videos, documents or reports in which the advisory work is carried out." specific".
The report also draws attention to the fact that Negreira, despite the fact that he received a very significant amount of money from the Barça club, "did not experience an increase in assets" and that he withdrew the funds from banking entities through "checks." to bearer" and cash withdrawals that exceeded half a million euros.

Likewise, the degree of influence that Negreira had in the governing body of referees in Spain stands out, according to what was declared by numerous referees. The Civil Guard attributes the ability to promote referees: "It must be taken into account that only First Division referees can become international referees with the increased remuneration that this entails." "In addition, the fees depend on the total number of matches refereed, which is the decision of the CTA," he adds. "The CTA itself is in charge of punishing the referees for their mistakes (what in slang is called putting them in the refrigerator) or appointing them for the big games."

**my notes : The documents posted in the article state that Negreira's relationship with Barcelona affected his ability to do his job impartially, however, they also mention more seriously that his son was used to manipulate referees arriving to the stadium, by making leading comments about Barca and how their style of play is positive.

One such example is Negreira Jr telling a referee as he guided him to the stadium - You know you will be calm here. Barcelona plays great football [se juega mucho - slang] and you don't need to get nervous. You are already enough. You know perfectly well what needs to be done.**

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