Terry Venables


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Terry Venables (1943-2023) - Former FC Barcelona manager (1984-1987)


RIP to a Barca legend. Won our first league in 11 years. The next season we were only a penalty shootout away from winning our first european cup. Photo is supposedly after going through the semi final of the european cup, some kid in the background.

Club statement on his death: https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/club/news/3797015/terry-venables-passes-away


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Respected El Tel alot. Always spoke well of his time in Barca and his fondness for Spain in general.

Was a likeable chap. Even struggled to hate England while he was manager.

RIP Mister.


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RIP, Mister.

One of my favorite coaches in the 90's. He was respected by his players and that England 1996 squad was the most exciting for me out of all theirs. Unfortunately FA didn't extend his contract.

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