Supercopa de Catalunya | Final: FC Barcelona - Girona FC 0-1


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It's good that Todibo plays like a Midfielder and not as a CB being forced to play as a Midfielder.

Very good on the ball and while his touch is inconsistent at times and perhaps lacks some pausa, he's still looked solid as a DM.


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Puig also leaves his space too often when he is not supposed to. This makes the left side more vulnerable. During the B team games, Oriol covers the space for him but here Todibo is new and not yet used to Barca way of football, there is a gap in the midfield. Sometimes Puig's decision-making is too selfish and makes me wonder if his footballing intelligence is really top level.


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Crazy. Really like that Girona has come to La Liga. Derbies with emotions of respect in stead of those pro-spanish shiheads espnayol.


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Yeah, it just ended.
Clearly shows that in case EV doesn't have his best players (like the early copa games) the B team plays without any imagination - unfortunately.

Boateng was a joke, Alena always screws up his last move or pass, Todibo is very artless and slow, the only hope for the future is Puig...

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