Spanish Cup Quarter Final: Barca - Real Sociedad 1-0


Real Sociedad are insanely in form right now but we get them at Camp Nou so that makes it about even.

Sociedad foul more than anyone in the league so I can see Barca getting frustrated with the fouls or a ref letting the game get out of control. All David Silva needs is 1 pass to kill us. Also very dangerous


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These cats haven't lost since early November (0-1 vs United). 9W 1D since then. 23 goals scored, 4 goals conceded. Or 13-3 if you exclude CdR.

I hope ter Stegen is in goal if we want to win this. Think Pena is worse than Pinto.


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Be good to win the cup.

Bit more money and from gates etc and better tests v the stronger sides in the league which should all help team develop and improve.

Xavi wants it.. wouldnt have rested FDJ, Araujo and taken off Christensen so sharpish otherwise.

Go for the quarduple Xavster.


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Hyped about this one. We seem to fare better against teams that try to play nice clean football as well.

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