Someone has to do it.... Copa final topic Valencia vs FC Barcelona 2-1


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Most if not all the ‘seniors’ are staying.
So basically it’s business as usual next season.

That’s what angers me the most.
Valgreen won’t sell his trusted lieutenants and won’t bench them either.

So you can bet Bob, Raki, Busi and Suarez,
will all be undisputed starters next season.

Frenkie will come in and take Arthur’s place.
So it will be Raki-Busi-Frenkie.

Greizmann-Suarez-Messi up front.


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Anybody else struggling to not be depressed as fuck in their daily lives lately?

I love this club too much to just take the conventional - ''It's only a game,'' mentality.


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There are many questions that should be asked after the Liverpool and Valencia disasters. Valverde cannot claim that he was surprised by Valencia's tactics, namely
- to sit back and launch quick counterattacks, exploiting the space behind the (over) aggressive fullbacks
- to always double-team Messi and block his shots, in particular his left foot

Agreed, he did not have his strongest team, key players like MAtS, Suarez, Dembélé were missing, but how could he leave out Malcom and play Roberto as right winger?
How could he substitute Semedo at half time instead of replacing Roberto?
Does he feel obliged to never substitute Roberto because he is a La Masia graduate?
Does he feel obliged to always play Alba despite obvious lack of defensive commitment and his costly mistakes committed against Liverpool?
Didn't he observe Lenglet's lack of form during the recent games, and the re-emergence of Umtiti's strength against Getafe?
And most of all, why can't he encourage his midfielders and forwards to go forward and shoot when a chance is opening up, instead of always looking for Messi?

Conclusion: A change is desperately needed, to revive Morale and bring back Barça's beautiful game.
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