Savinho (Sávio Moreira de Oliveira)


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City Football Group own Troyes so it's safe to assume they have a lot of influence in where he ends up.


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Yeah. He will go to City, but won't be able to be loaned to Girona if they qualify for the CL (like Yan Couto, and he is the one we should target imo out of the two).

What will likely happen is that City Group will move him to City for whatever they account works for Troyes. While the PL will calculate the EPL Salary Market impact from a fair market valuation and not what City actually pays.

Won't make a bit of difference as City can always balance the books with artificially inflated deals like signing Matheus Nunes for 62m instead of 50m, but then making Wolves buy Santiago Bueno from Girona for 12m to balance their LaLiga FFP.

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