Round of 16: Germany - Algeria - Monday 30/06/2014

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Germany vs France will be nice to watch

One can hope, but I think Germany is the far better team (credit to Algeria for containing them so well).

What I do expect is a lot of fouls and reckless challenges from France, who don't seem to give a crap about their opponents bodies (except for dead rubber vs Ecuador, they are averaging about 15 fouls per match; Germany fouled Algeria 8 times over 120 minutes).

You've got a few touches of class with Griezmann and Valbuena, but otherwise not much for the neutral to watch. I hope Germany knocks France out with a vengeance.


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I watched this game again yesterday and all I can be is proud of that Algerian team. The Germans pulled through but they were arrogant I thought. They approached the game underestimating the Algerians, they got physically matched, tactically outdone and Algeria's goal keeper was on point. After the match the Germans looked exhausted, winded and didn't know what hit them, I bet the sense of entitlement was through the roof.

I never liked the German national team, I hope they crash and burn in the next round against France even though France has a really good record against Brazil (if they make it).

In this blessed month of Ramadan, they made us proud.
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