Robben vs Bale

Robben or Bale, who was better?

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Crossing is just an aspect of passing. Heading is mainly just an aspect of scoring. Weak foot isn't even a category, it's just an aspect to everything. Yet when someone can't achieve with 2 feet what another can do with 1, then that isn't being more complete.

It also doesn't all weigh the same. You can't look at someone being a crosser, and one being specialized in through balls and claim it's even.
A through ball literally sends an attacker into a 1v1 with a 80% scoring chance, and a cross is total inshallah.

Messi is the better shooter, the better passer, the better dribbler and just as shit of a defender. Which would make him more complete than Ronaldo. Ronaldo can maybe play a pass with his shoulder, or his back, or jump high, but if the sum of all it's components is still lower than what Messi does in a simpler manner, then he isn't more complete at the relevant parts of the game.

Good post.

Messi with his apparent lack of abilities still managed to outscore and outassist CR who supposedly has this perfect toolbox of a body at hand.


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Comparing me to the professor himself is like the deluded Messibois comparing Messi to Maradona.

I might have recency bias going for me but the professor will always be the GOAT. :mou:

An OG cuck in their natural habitat

Have a look in the mirror and read your post again. Cringe :lol:


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Talking of complete players, Christian Vieri comes to mind. The original inspiration behind 'Bobo32'... So skillful and technical but also a real fighter and got stuck in.

Miss [MENTION=29755]Bobo32[/MENTION] Hope he comes back soon

I believe Bobo32 is lurking a bit here, but he is also losing a bit of interest in this Barcelona side. Only Busquets really know how to play! Bobo32 will watch the last game tomorrow, he was busy winning pub quizes this evening!

I appreciate your mention though! Yeah Bobo was a true inspiration for me!


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Some people compared me (Bobo32) to Robben because of the way I kept the ball very far back when dribbling, touching the ball when it is almost under my butt rather than reaching forwards with the foot...
I think the answer to this thread is very obvious, Robben was the far better player, reliable and dangerous all the time, compared to Bale who was just fast with a great touch and unreliable technique.

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