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Why are we gifting players to clubs that have been nothing but a pain in our ass? Better let us negotiate for Mbappe when he inevitably asks to leave.


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This is a bit annoying, we made him sign extension in order to go to Celta on loan, now we end up with nothing but paying him his wages for 2 months.

We counted on Celta buying him after his loan which would probably happen if not for corona.


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Why did PSG sign him? Why the hell do they need him for?

We need to give Neymar his best friend after Daniel Alves left 2 years ago. If not, how are we going to make him sign the damn renewal ? I guess we will try our luck with his other argentine amigo next year on a free.

Joke aside, PSG tried to sign the whole planet on a free. Bar?a was one of the few agreeing to such move and here we are.


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Was never going to get a decent fee for him. His loan moves usually consist of a few ?ok? games before getting injured. Just surprised he?s gone to PSG. He?ll barely play for them.

Remember Thiago talked him up a few years ago, but I think he was just trying to support his brother. Works relatively hard on the pitch and has a decent attitude. But he?s quite one dimensional and slow, not to mention always injured. I?m really not sure what his ideal position is. He?s far too slow for the wing, and doesn?t seem creative enough as a #10 either. If he was more athletic, he could probably be a decent CM.

Wish him well anyway.

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