QF: Argentina - Belgium 1-0

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I wasn't worried about the defence. Knew they would deliver. The referee was full of malarkey, allotting 5 mins stoppage. Got real scrappy there. :D Still not comfortable with Demi playing, I'm sure the dutch (if they qualify) will target him all game.

Messi should 've dinked it over Courtois. Quite a lame and straight-to-the keeper shot from Leo, making it look like a better save than it actually was.

Semi-final is what I'd originally predicted for ARG. I'll be pleasantly surprised if they can go one step-up. But the dutch really worry me. :(


Congrats to the boys for an unexpected calm win against their toughest opponent so far. Credits to Sabella to make the needed changes at the right time and Higuain for showing up at the right time. Messi had a quiet game. I donno why he took his last chances poorly. But except the Di Maria's injury, few dead ball situations and the last minute Belgium chance I was very calm throughout the game. The team did a very good job neutralizing this Belgium side.

Finally, after 24 years we are in the semi finals. :)

King Leo

selfie after the game



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typical Kompany
tries to imitate Messi, loose the ball like a baby, Messi and higuain say thank you


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The defense looked very solid, it is the strongest sector of the team: funny, because the defense was supposed to be the weaker sector and the attack the strongest sector.....but it is just the opposite.
This is a good sign, because you win this kind of tournaments by having a strong defense. Gary is absolutely the boss:worthy:, very impressive.

Very good game by Higuain, the goal will give him a lot of confidence.
Di Maria extremely important as always :worthy: , I hope the injury is not serious
Sorry, but Messi must give more

It seems to me that the team has played so far in modus energy savings, which could be decisive.



This was so hilarious :rofl1:

Argentina finally showed some cohesiveness in defence and thats a big step up, attack was also fine while Di Maria was in so lets hope he will be back for Holland game, they'll need the best out of everyone especially from Messi and Di Maria. they looked a lot more organized and acted like a team this time although messi had a silent game. Let's hope they will continue to get better.
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