Premier League 23/24

Who will win PL this season?

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Can't believe how badly United spend money, they could sell out to oil money tomorrow and still find themselves in the same situation, horrible recruitment. muh glazers, Norwich scarfs

70mil on Hojlund (who has potential but not ready to start)
80mil on Antony
55mil+? on Mount
Onana 50mil who is worse than DDG in shot stopping
80mil on Casemiro who looks done (Perez is smart)

Shambolic and much of that is ETH's recruitment. Outside of a fit Varane, wouldn't take any of their players for our squad. Amazing how people on here feared them in the Europa, that loss is on Xavi.

I will give serghei a W on ETH though.


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ETH's United is already out of the title fight. Don't think he can change much. Another bad season for them in sight already.
Remember when we were ridiculed for suggesting he and Xavi are similar tier...and Xavi may in fact be better given he's actually won major trophies :lol:

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