Pep Guardiola


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I obviously have no idea why Pep chose Bayern, but my initial observation makes me think Bayern's possession football philosophy had something to do with it.

He ultimately wants the united job. That's why he didn't go to Man city not to jeopardize his chance. He wants to get experience in other leagues before he takes over united


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Wow, Bayern Munich. Hope he does well there and I wish him the best, except if they ever play us in the Champions League of course.


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Wow, how disappointing. Not that I was ever clamouring for him to come to Chelsea(I was willing to accept his appointment just to see if he can cut it in another big league) but he's gone to Germany instead of Italy(preferred to have him at Milan), I couldn't be more disappointed in the man. Ah well, good luck to him.


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btw, signing till 2016 is completely different to the one by one contracts he used to have. What do you guys think of it?
He said on multiple occassions that he only signed a 1-year-contract with Barca, because of his love of the club. That way, if things went badly, they could him fire him without having to pay him compensation for the remaining X years of his contract (the problem that Florentino now faces with Mourinho). I guess he loves Bayern less, so that's why he was willing to sign such a long-term contract ;)

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