Paulo Dybala


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Is it? Dybala hasn't been great since 3-4 years ago no?

Still started most games when he wasn't injured this season, and has most league goals. Always bad to lose players you want to keep for free.

Will be tricky for Juve, apparently don't want to commit to Morata buy option, Chiesa out with serious injury now so who knows that one goes this summer and potentially Dybala leaving for free too.


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We should go for him.

Good player and did well under Sarri but the continuous injuries have hindered his ability.

28 years old, get for free and sell him for profit if it doesn't work.


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Unlikely Xavi wants him.

More of a ten and Xavi favours a CF that can be target in the box and link play. While out wide he is favouring wingers that stay wider.

Will want huge wages as well.

Some quality moments but a lazy little fucker so not sure where Xavi would see him fitting but obviously for free has quality.


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Of course, I meant a reasonable salary so we could sell him and make some money. On a high salary, we would be stuck with him.

Just dont think Xavi would be after him would be main issue.

Barca are definitely playing in way that suits more of a target man type now or at least a focus of a CF with way getting ball in box a lot.

If he does and salary reasonable no lose really if signed him.


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Good player on his day, but not worth the money. He is in the same tier as James, Coutinho or even Griezmann. These type of players don't really fit into today's game and would have been much better 20 or 30 years ago. Their best position doesn't exist anymore in modern football and they are not dominant enough to adjust your game to their needs like Barca has done for years with Leo.

Thrilled to see where he'll end up. Getting a player of his class for free is always tempting to clubs, but imo Serie A is the best league for him. Don't see him succeeding in PL or La Liga. Maybe PSG.


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Dybala hasn't been great, except for that one match vs Barca when he looked like an all-time great compared to pussy ass MSN. :lol:

Imagine being Messi, Neymar, and Suarez, and letting a Beta like Dybala steal all the bacon in front of you and send you packing with the tail between your legs. :lol:

Even got Ney Ney crying like a baby.
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He's quite overrated. I would take him on a free with moderate wages but expectations for him shouldn't be high.

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