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Rather go for Griezman yeah. Dybala does not fit in our squad. I think Madrid will sign him. Another Barca fan in Madrid colours.

I'm fine with that. He's nowhere as impressive as Modric or Isco who were two other Barca fans.

He's a good passer and dribbler and got a vicious shot, but his lack of pace and presence really isn't worth the hype he gets. Icardi is the more impressive Argentine in Serie A IMO.

Dybala is a better goalscoring Riquelme, but a worse passer and nowhere close to the leader he was.


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Damn... Sabella wasn't a bad coach at all. He should have continued.

Its true that you realize the worth of something only when you don't have it.


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off to Real

lol, lets see. Would be kind of strange to me.

What should the reasoning be? That Real actually expected the PSG-case to be finished by now, and PSG punished, so they could bid on Neymar?
A bit far fetched, but hey - crazier things has happened before, I'll give you that.
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He's off next season unless Allegri magically manages to play with CR, Mandzukic and Dybala on the pitch at the same time, with no wingers because he'll have to revert to a 3-5-2/3-4-1-2.

Which could turn out to be all types of unbalanced.

I think Higuain would have complemented CR very well like Benzema did at Real Madrid.


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Not quick enough to play as a winger and not really a prolific goal scorer to play as a number #9.

It's confusing why some fans and journalists wanted us to splash the money on him to replace Neymar, when he isn't anywhere the same style of player as he was. His best position is as a second striker/#10 but more so as a SS.

The likes of Hazard,Coutinho,Dembele,Mbappe etc fit our team's current setup more than Dybala would at the time we were looking to replace Ney as they have a lot more flexibility to do so.

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