Ousmane Dembélé


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U must be joking

Lol. :lol:

You have the differece beteen someone that played in a world cup final, and someone that hasn't played a single game yet at the world cup.

Let the kid develop in peace for a few seasons ffs. These fans man... as clueless as they get.

Just because people criticize a player the club paid 120-140m on, thinking he is gonna replace Neymar, doesn't mean 16 year old Yamal is better. :facepalm:

You have to be a complete moron at evaluating players to think Yamal is better at this moment than Dembele. Sorry, but it's the truth.
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One of Dembele's best seasons here was when he got 1 goal and 13 assists. PSG is currently playing to his strength and that's why they enjoy him, especially with his ability to create scoring chances. The highest number of chances Dembele created in any league season in Barca is 45, and he has already created 45 chances in Ligue 1, plus 13 in the UCL, so it's clear why the PSG fans enjoy him.

I get your point on Lamine, he's calm and seems more composed but they don't always get better as they grow.

Dembele is an example, I feel his peak was at Dortmund when he scored 8 goals and had 18 assists in all competitions. He was decisive for them in big games, even creating so many chances against Monaco (who defeated them in UCL) but they couldn't finish.

The future is still bright for Lamine, but it's not a given he becomes better in 2-3 years. He's quality though

Have you considered it is because he is playing in Ligue 1?

Why are we pretending it is a top league? Numbers in uber eats means very little, especially playing for PSG.


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Best thing happened to us is Dembele going and Raphi getting injured. Lamine is the real deal.

Maybe Dembele could have played left wing for us, but he is not as good there.


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Forget about Dembele. we have bigger issues.
although reading posts above I have to say something. Giving a point to Dembele over yamal because he played on the WC final against Argentina was hilarious. he was the worst player on the pitch. a disaster. better not feature at all, than drop a disasterclass of that magnitude.
anyway, if yamal progresses as he does, no one will even remember Dembele.


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So a 33/34 year old Messi who had to leave Barca last minute, heartbroken, and went to a new league with a different language and had a manager stick him wide at RW a position he wasn't suited for anymore put up 6G + 14A in 26 total games and, was still called a bozo in here by a couple of well known lads.

Yet Ousmane Dembele, this elite, best RW in the world type of talent who is French, has played in that league, plays in his natural position and has natural chemistry with Mbappe only has 1G + 6A in 17 total games so far?

Same crap thrown again and again by the usual haters.
Yet they have been answered again and again.
Plus they involve the usual whining-excuse shitshow by the messi fanboys: "poor messi had to learn a new language" "move to a different city" "get to a new environment where he is not pampered" and all that crap

It involves also distortion of reality: no he wasn't moved out wide. He played centrally, and wherever he liked, part of the reason PSG was so bad under Poch, who wasn't given power by the stupid Kelaifi to impose discipline on the divas. Then, Galtier officially changed the system to no wingers to suit Messi and Neymar. Still PSG failed miserably...

HAte as much as you want. Dembouz is killing it at PSG, while you have to watch Raphinia can't beat a dead man walking at Barca

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