Next season stabilization squad

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"Terrible"? No shit, Mr. Holmes? :sherlock:

Of course it's fucking terrible. That's why it's called STABILIZATION TEAM. After season or two with FREE players like that, maybe we can HEAL our finances... and then again buy serious players...

Worst thing is that even this would be DREAM for us... that's how fucked we are... and people still act like we are choosers! :facepalm:


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Javier Tebas (La Liga president): "Barcelona? They must sell assets but they are not financially ruined, not at all..."

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Nice to see Busi's babysitter take his position, will Busi return the favor and babysit him? Pique's wife would probably do better and she can subsidize herself with alimony from Pique's deferred wages.


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Better to stay with the same team and get some players next season. Next year there will be much more better options on the free market, like Salah, Koulibaly, Tielemans, Sterling, Skriniar, Gnabry, Oblak, Gaya, Jesus and many more.

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