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hi guys

iam fish from China iv supported Barca for 5 years

nice to know here

more than a club~~~


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Hello people, Quash here, been a regular on a few forums and another barça one til i found this one, looks awesome :D Been a Barça fan for about 6 years now, loved every second. Good to find more people to talk to Barça about, not enough Culés here in Scotland :(


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Thanks guys, I'm sure i will. Little about myself - soon to be Uni student from Brasil, lived in Scotland for a couple of years now. I love guitar and Barça, passionate about them man. Visca Barça.


Welcome Quash ! Good to have to you here. Cool, never met someone from Brazil :D Must be a big fan of Alves ? :p


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The guy's outrageously energetic :lol: Hero,love his runs and crosses.He's the best RB around i think.


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Welcome quash..hope u stick around. What do brazilians in general think about alves vs maicon?


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Well, Maicon is good, no doubt, but everyone i know doesn't get how he got so many more starting appearances than Alves, who outperformed him all the time. The balance is kind of shifting now, Alves is more and more being recognised as a real world class player, he's incredible. Maicon's still a beast though. Alves just seems like a really nice, loyal guy as well. i have an interview somewhere where he talks about joining Barça and what it meant to him i can post up.

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