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Hello ..My name is Murphy ...But my friends called me MURPHYDHINO because i use to play like Ronaldinho....I am from nigeria,i live in Lagos.

I am a die hard Barcelona fan...And i have been supported barca since last 10 yrs.And i am enjoying myself as a barca fan.

My wish is to play in camp nou one day.

Woow am happy to be one of this forum member.I welcome my self.


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Hello :D
I'm Kristijan(Kiki) from Croatia, town Vinkovci
I live for barca :) , we have barca-cro forum too, but i come here to meet some people from all around world. I hope that we can discuss about Barca and share our time. I'm 16 years old, and my english isn't best so forgive me if i made some mistake :) :shock: :p :lol:


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Hello :D
My name is Marcus, I'm 18 years old and I come from sweden...
I have been a fan of Barca since I was about 9 years old...
This is a really nice page and I hope it will bring me lots of joy!

Futbol Club Barcelona - the greatest there is <3


Hey Marcus, welcome to the forum !! Great to have you here, yes FCB is the greatest there is :D Keep posting !

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